[A.R.S] remake pants that made by Yu-Gi-Oh! cards
Childhood experience was a big part of the Yu-Gi-Oh! is a designer (brandanjosh).
Pardon a pair of pants 2-pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards.
[A.R.S] Streetwear custom artist curriegoat
He paints with three strokes on a man-to-man, a pair of pants.
People buy his work with precision and charm that can’t be represented by simple printing.
[A.R.S] creatingodessa like spidy
make remakes with Spider-Man printing, Biz, and spiderweb motifs.
[A.R.S] Funky mood JODYJUST
It is a remake brand from Australia that creates funky moods with skeletons and lettering.
✔️커스텀에 대해 더 많이 이야기하고 싶다면!😎
[A.R.S] records all his hardships
Burberry trench coat with 20 towels attached,
corduroy pants with 11 dust bags attached,
[A.R.S] Most People Are Dead
Remake brand that makes only one suit of clothing.
Its features include dark and aggressive printing and zipper.
[Interview] Young Creator 926STUDIO Interview

Hello, Geeks. The brand I will introduce today is 926 STUDIO.