Article 1 Purpose
The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to regulate the service conditions and operation of the "Site Name" ("Site") service.

Article 2 Definition of Terms
The main terms used in this Agreement are defined as follows:
1 Member: A person who agrees to the terms and conditions of a site and registered a member by providing personal information refers to a user who enters into a service contract with the site and uses the site.
2 Service contract: This refers to a contract signed between a site and a member in relation to the use of a site.
3 Member ID (hereinafter referred to as "ID"): This refers to a unique combination of letters and numbers given to each member to identify the member and to use the member's service.
4 Password: This refers to the combination of letters and numbers selected by the member to protect the member's rights and interests, confirming that the member is a consistent member with the ID granted.
5 Operator: This refers to the operator who opens and operates a homepage in the service.
6 Revocation: This refers to the cancellation of a service contract by a member.

Article 3 Out-of-Article Rules
The operator can inform the operator of the operation policy separately if necessary, and if these terms and conditions overlap, the operation policy takes precedence.

Article 4 Signing a service contract
1 The service contract is formed with the consent of the operator to use the service contract and the agreement to the contents of this Agreement by the person who intends to use the site by registering as a member.
2 A person who intends to register as a member and use the service shall express his consent to this Agreement by reading these terms and conditions and selecting "I agree" below.

Article 5 Applications for Service Utilization
1 A user who wants to use the site by registering as a member shall provide all information (user ID, password, nickname, etc.) requested by the site.
2 A member who does not register his or her true information, such as stealing information from others or registering false information, shall not claim any rights in relation to the use of the site and shall be punished according to the relevant statutes.

Article 6 Privacy Policy
The site and operator do not have a password among the personal information provided when they sign up, and the related information shall follow the privacy policy of the site.
The operator shall make efforts to protect the members' personal information, including member registration information, as provided under the relevant statutes.
The members' personal information protection shall be in accordance with the related statutes and the privacy policy prescribed by the website.
However, the operator shall not be held responsible for all information disclosed by the member due to reasons attributable to the member.
If a member registers or distributes postings that are illegal, such as postings that are detrimental to the customs conditions or violate national security, the operator can view the member's data and submit the data to the relevant agency upon request.

Article 7 Responsibilities of Operators
1 The operator shall deal with any comments or complaints raised by the members of the service as soon as possible. However, if it is difficult to expedite the processing due to personal reasons, the company will do its best by sending a note or e-mail to the members after death.
2 An operator may require a site to repair or repair a facility in the event of a failure or loss for continuous and stable site delivery without delay. However, in the event of natural disasters or unavoidable reasons for a site or operator, the site operation can be suspended temporarily.

Article 8 Members' Responsibilities
1 The members shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations, such as these terms and conditions, regulations, notices, and operation policies prescribed by the operator, and shall not interfere with the work of other sites or damage the reputation of the sites.
2 The member shall not transfer or give to others the right to use the service or other service contract status without the express consent of the website, and shall not provide the service as collateral.
3 The user shall pay considerable attention to the management of the ID and password and shall not provide the ID to a third party without the consent of the operator or the site.
4 The members shall not violate the intellectual property rights of the operators, the sites and third parties.

Article 9 Service hours
1 Service hours shall be 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, seven days a year, unless work or technical difficulties arise. However, the site may temporarily suspend the service on the day or time designated by the site for regular system inspection, extension or replacement. Please refer to the service suspension as it is notified in advance of the site's website.
2 However, the site may temporarily or permanently suspend the service in the following cases without notice or notice:
- In case of urgent system inspection, extension, replacement, failure, or malfunction
- In case of unavoidable reasons such as national emergency, power failure, or natural disasters
- In case the telecommunication service provider, as provided under the Telecommunications Business Act, has stopped the telecommunication service.
- In case there is a disruption to normal service use due to heavy drinking of service use;
3 In the event of a service interruption according to the foregoing paragraph, the site shall notify the member through a notice, etc. However, if it is not possible to notify a service interruption caused by a reason that the site cannot control, it shall replace it as post-publication.

Article 10 Revocation of Service Use
1 In the event a member intends to terminate a service contract with a website, the member shall apply for registration online. On the other hand, you should cancel the service contract for the site separately from the site use.
2 The operator can no longer view the information of the cancellation applicant as the site-supplied program is automatically deleted from the member management screen at the same time as the cancellation application.

Article 11 Restrictions on the use of services
The member shall not perform any of the following acts. In the event of such acts, the site may restrict the member's service use and take due actions. The service may be suspended by terminating the service contract or setting a period of time.
1 An act to register false information when subscribing to a member or changing the information after sign - up;
2 Obstructing or stealing information from other people's sites
3 An act of impersonating a site's management team, employee, or official;
4 An act to violate or obstruct a site or other third party's personal or intellectual property rights.
5 Denial use of other members' IDs
6 An act to collect, store, and disclose personal information about other members without their consent;
7 An objectively judged act of association with a crime
8 Other acts in violation of relevant laws

Article 12 Management of Posts
1 The operator is responsible for the management and operation of posts and materials on the site. The operator shall always monitor bad postings and materials and, upon discovery or reporting of bad postings and materials, delete the postings and materials and warn the registered members.
On the other hand, postings that violate the terms and conditions of this service shall not be posted as the publisher is responsible for the postings made by the members themselves.
2 In the event there is a request for correction from a public organization, such as the Information Communication Ethics Committee, the operator can delete or move the posts without prior consent from the members.
3. The judgment criteria for defective publications are as follows.
- In case of severe insult or defamation to other members or third parties;
- In case of spreading or linking contents that violate the public order and customs conditions
- In case the contents encourage illegal copying or hacking
- In case the advertisement is for profit purposes
- In case the content is objectively recognized as being related to a crime
- In case of infringement of copyright or other rights with other users or third parties;
- If it is deemed to be in violation of other related statutes, the site and its operator may temporarily suspend (transfer) the posting request for a third party's defamation or infringement of intellectual property rights, and shall comply with the request made between the requestor of the posting stop and the registered person of the posting, and the decision of the relevant organization pursuant to the agreement, etc., if the request is made on the site.

Article 13 Storage of Posts
In the event that the Site Manager suspends this Site due to unavoidable circumstances, he/she shall notify the members in advance and make every effort to facilitate the transfer of the Post.

Article 14 Copyright to Posts
1 The copyright of a post posted by a member on a site belongs to the member who posted it. In addition, the site cannot use the posts commercially without the publisher's consent. This is not the case for non-profit purposes, but also has the right to publish in the service.
2 The members shall not use commercially available data posted on the service, such as processing or selling information acquired using the service.
3 An operator may delete, move or refuse to register the contents or contents of a website posted or registered by a member without prior notice if it is deemed to be in accordance with Article 12 subparagraphs.

Article 15 Damage
1 The members themselves are primarily responsible for all civil and criminal laws that have occurred on this Site.
2 The damages received by the members of this Site are unavoidable, such as natural disasters, or shall not be compensated for damages caused by the members' will or negligence.

Article 16 Exemption

1 The operator shall be exempted from liability for damages caused by the member's selection or use of the service data if the member has failed to obtain the expected profit from the service provision of the site.

2 The operator shall be exempted from liability in the event of a failure of the service base on this site and the telecommunications service provided by other carriers and shall comply with the terms and conditions of the site for damages related to the service base on this site.

3 The operator shall not be held responsible for all data stored, posted or transmitted by the member.

4 The operator shall not be held liable in the event of service use failure due to reasons attributable to the member.

5 The operator shall not be responsible for all activities, including data transmission and other community activities, whether between members or between members and third parties, or between the members and other members of this service

6 The operator shall not be held responsible for the authenticity, reliability or accuracy of the materials posted or transmitted by the member or provided by the member to the site.

7 The operator shall not be held liable for any damages arising from the trade of goods between members or between members and third parties.

8 The operator shall not be held responsible for any disputes between members or between members and third parties without reasons attributable to Sysap.

9 The operator shall not be responsible for system failures, failures caused by an attack by a third party, the spread of computer viruses or other viruses that have not been developed by a renowned research institution or security-related company at home or abroad, or for damages caused by force majeure that cannot be controlled by other operators during the management, inspection, repair, replacement, or operation of the software.


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