AAG Studio is an independent clothing distributor established in Seoul of the South Korea.

We curate the most valuable styles in high fashion and make them available to you all in one location.

Our categories consist largely of SHOW-PIECE, RE-MAKE & CUSTOM, and GRADUATE SHOW PIECE.

The SHOW -PIECE category consists of designer brands that make a minority of clothing craftsmanship, a space for customers who want to be extraordinary.

The RE-MAKE category seeks eco-friendly, sustainable fashion. By reconstructing discarded vintage clothes, designers give originality and novelty, making them one-of-a-kind clothes.

The GRADUATE category consists of the graduation pieces of fashion design students.

AAG Studio originally started in 2017 under the theme of All About Graduation. We started with the idea of introducing a student's graduation that is once written and discarded in a graduation show to ordinary customers, and aimed to create a sustainable fashion.

Our team of industry veterans are constantly designing new silhouettes and experimenting with fabrics to stay on the forefront of fashion. Style is always evolving, so are we.

AAG Studio is the destination for those looking to branch out into high fashion and test their limits in terms of style. We hope to bring the culture together and create a place where like-minded individuals can share their passion for clothing and Haute Couture.

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